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Below you will find some of the projects I'm working on, both in and alongside the ESET program. Many of these projects are ongoing, so check back often for updates.


Greenhouse - AVC Middleton

ESET students are currently working on securing funding for a year-round Greenhouse at the AVC Middleton Campus. Project Management, Building Sciences, Horticulture and Solar Analysis all come together in this Group Project

Energy Monitoring - Senior Project

Check back soon!

energyaudit_mom&dad_GJ_preYear_for website.jpg

Home Energy Audits

ESET students had the opportunity to conduct real Energy Audits on homes around Nova Scotia. Data collection for a commercial audit was also done at the Centennial Arena in Kentville, NS. 

3D Energy Modelling

A few examples of my 3D energy modelling projects, using software such as SketchUp and Autodesk Revit.


Circuits, Micro-Controllers & Python

A collection of personal projects involving Python programming, circuit building, Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Solar Air Collector

Students will be building working Solar Air Heaters for Renewable Energy Technologies class. The design, technical specifications and construction are all done by the students and based off theories learned in class.

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